Cubasis LE Android activation via UR824

So i have tried as suggested to open cubasis le and connect UR824 to my google pixel, no activation in action. It would be stupid if activation works only with apple devices. Any suggestions?

Hi jaskin,

As of yet, Cubasis LE is exclusively available for iOS.
But if this makes sense for you, you’re able to give our Cubasis LE Trial for Android a free test-drive.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, which is really sad, dont see a big difference between iOS version and Android, weird one can have it unlocked and other cant. Anyway it is what it is, also could you look at this ticket and give me any answer please : #317818

Hi jaskin,

Thank you for your message.

I take care of the Cubasis project management, and do my best to monitor and comment on Cubasis-related issues in this forum frequently to support our users where possible.

For regular support issues, please get in touch with our support department, or check the other Steinberg forums.

Thanks again,

Cubasis for Android should be activated like in IOS. This could be considered misleading marketing as it is not very clear that ONLY iPad iPhone devices are supported. Please make it clear for what reasons this is not possible for Android users?