Cubasis LE: Best way to record audio?


I am recording audio into Cubasis 3 LE 3.4.2 on my Android.

After watching a vid I thought scrolling down and pressing the ADD button then the AUDIO button would work, but it says “that feature is disabled” in this version.

So what I’ve been doing is sliding an existing event on one of the demo project’s audio tracks all the way to the right to clear a portion of the track, and recording right there in the “empty space” on that existing track.

Is there a better way?


Hi @alexis,

Thanks for your message.

The Cubasis LE 3 Trial version comes with a preloaded demo song and offers a smaller feature set, which can be tested with your given Android device in a 30 minute demo mode, which can be restarted as often as you like.

Once the demo song has loaded, simply delete its content to come up with your own tracks. Of course, the “ADD” button works in the full version of the app which comes with lots more features too.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe,

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Thank you @LSlowak !

I’ll give that a go. I’ll plan on using the demo only long enough to do one complete round of record and upload into Cubase 12 Pro.

After I’ve shown myself that works well I’ll upgrade to the paid version … so i don’t have to worry about that 30 min clock :slight_smile:

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Hi @Alexis,

Thanks for the update!

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