Cubasis LE does not recognize UR22-C

Hi all,

I bought the UR22C recording pack that comes with Cubasis LE.
I activated Cubasis in my Steinberg account and downloaded the Cubasis LE 3 App on my iPhone.
I connected my UR22C to an external power source as described in the manual and connected it to my iPhone using a USB-C to lightning cable. The UR22-C seems to be properly powered. Despite doing this, Cubasis only starts in demo mode and does not recognize the hardware as described in the manual. The white “USB LED” on the UR22-C keeps blinking. The window on the app also suggests to activate via bluetooth, but it does not find any hardware.
I tried everything like plugging/unplugging the USB cable, switching on/off the external power supply.
Am I doing anything wrong? Does it make a difference that I am using the USB-C to lightning cable instead of using an APPLE Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter+USB to USB-C cable?

Thanks for your help!

Hi. I’ve just bought my UR22C and I’m having the exact same problem using a USB-C to Lightning cable. Did you manage to fix it with the Apple Camera Adapter? Or any other way? Thanks.

Hi @Vitoman
Yep you need the camera adapter, see page 13 in the Startup guide for your device.
Hope you get it sorted.

Thanks, @strummer !