Cubasis LE iOS 11 Compatibility

Dear all,

Cubasis 2.2. and Cubasis LE 2.2 have been tested and proven compatible with the latest available iOS 11 Golden Master and official release version by Apple.

When using instrument and/or effect apps from other vendors that are incompatible with iOS 11, this can lead to Cubasis stability problems or other issues, that are unrelated to Cubasis.

If you encounter issues in that area, we recommend to get in touch with the app manufacturer directly.

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as I described in my support request #99259 from March 19 (without answer yet) it runs fine on iOS 11 but the current iTunes version does not allow me to download the files, especially project and mixdown to my PC for importing to Cubase AI oder using the mixdown. It only shows the folders but I cannot enter them and drag&drop to the desktop does not work either.

Any recommendations?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Karsten,

Thanks for your message.

Files app support, introduced with the latest Cubasis 2.4 / Cubasis LE 2.4 version updates, allows to browse, search and organize Cubasis released files on the iPad, in iCloud Drive and across other cloud services (such as Dropbox or similar).

Please have a look at our Cubasis 2.4 tutorial (at around 8:08 minutes) to see the feature explained in a practical use case:

On a side note:
The Cubasis Project Importer, which comes as a free download from the Steinberg website, is required and allows to import Cubasis projects with supported Cubase versions (please find it here: Here is a handy tutorial from our friends at MusicAppBlog that explains the workflow:

Hope that helps.

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Hi Lars,

thanks for the links and the advice. Looks like I consulted some outdated documentation that told to use iTunes for file transfer to PC.

In the Files app I can see and select the mixdown file and I could share it to other apps, to iCloud or other internet services where it would be uploaded and I could download it to my PC again.

Unfortunately my mixdown file from Cubase LE has 945 MB and I have a DSL upload rate of 745 kb/sec. Uploading the file using iCloud or else would take more than 2 hours. And then I would have to dowload it again. Not very straight forward. I would have preferred to get the iTunes solution running to transfer the file directly the “old fashioned” way via USB 3.0 to my laptop.

The change of your functionality is not very convenient to me although it seems to be more flexible and provide some additional functionality now. But the German word for the change is from my point of view: “Verschlimmbesserung”!

Could you recommend another app that I could choose to transfer the file to, to download from this app via iTunes using USB again?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Karsten,

Thanks for your feedback.

Files app support has been added to the already available sharing options, such as iTunes File Sharing, iCloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy, export to external hard drives etc.

Of course, it’s unchanged possible to use iTunes to transfer files in both directions, if this is your preferred choice.

Please have a look at the MediaBay chapter in Cubasis’ in-app help to learn more about the available options, and how to use them.


Hello Lars,

Thanks for your kind reply.

To be honest: I got my Cubasis LE licence (the basic one) with my Audio Interface UR22 mk2. I did not yet buy an upgrade because I just wanted to check if the basic functions are working. Therefore I could not use the sharing options up to now because I always get the message “This feature is not enabled in this Cubasis version. Upgrade now to take advantage…”. You know the text…

The documentation tells that already the basic version enables the download to the desktop using iTunes = transferring without having to upload 1 GB files to the internet and downloading them again.

The files app does not offer iTunes as a target for file sharing. And in iTunes I see the folders provided by Cubasis:

  • Audio: 1020 MB

  • Effects: 1,3 MB

  • Instruments: 708 KB

  • Midi: 1,3 MB

  • Mixdown: 945,8 MB

  • Projects: 648,m7 MB

  • Trash: 0 KB

And I can see no option in the documentation that would allow me to transfer the mixdown to my PC without needing to upload 1 GB to the internet (except you can tell me another application where to copy the audio to where the iTunes download works).

Double clicking the folders in the iTunes File Sharing does not enter the folders but gets into the name editing mode for the folders.
Dragging a folder to the desktop (litte [+] appears) does not have any effect - it’s not copying.
=> this is a different behavior to all other apps on my iPad and in my perception this is a but that should be resolved.

Honestly, I don’t want to spend money for an upgrade to additional features without getting the most important basic feature working… :frowning:

Thanks for your patientce and best regards,

Hi Karsten,

Here are the steps to share Cubasis LE data via iTunes File Sharing:


  • Connect your iPad with your computer
  • Launch iTunes and make sure the iPad is detected
  • Tap the iPad button in iTunes_

Steps (iTunes)

  • Choose the “File Sharing” option from the left column
  • Choose “Cubasis LE” from within the Apps section to the right

(a) Transfer files from Cubasis to the desktop computer

  • Pick the desired folder from within the “Cubasis LE Documents” folder and drop it to the desktop

(b) Transfer files from the desktop computer to Cubasis

  • Drag and drop the desired files into the “Cubasis LE Documents” window
  • Click “Sync” button
  • Open Cubasis LE (shared files are automatically placed in the relevant Cubasis LE folders)

To learn more, please have a look ash the MediaBay/iTunes File Sharing section in the Cubasis LE in-app help.


Hi Lars,

I had followed the steps you described already before. As I described I cannot enter the folders in “Documents of Cubasis LE” (only rename them) and when dragging them to the desktop nothing happens.

Only thing I did not test so far (if not anybody else has the same issues) is to de-register my iPad and my iPhone on this PC, uninstall iTunes completely and reinstall it.
But to be honest: My laptop got a new Windows 10 image 2 weeks ago and the latest iTunes version is newly installed. The only thing that I saved from my old image (same Laptop) is the iTunes Folder in “Music” and the Apple Folders in C:\users<my user\AppData[Local and Roaming].

I will let you know the result.

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Karsten,

Gave the described steps a check with the latest Cubasis 2.4.1 update on iTunes on the MacBook Pro, where things worked as expected.
On the PC: Please select a folder in the “Cubasis LE Documents” directory and check if there is a save button, to store the folder to the desired location on your PC.


Hi Lars,

my bad. It’s Windows-sh… using Apple Software with a bad implementation (iTunes)!!! :frowning: :angry:

When choosing the “Cubasis LE Documents” there are the 7 folders contained I mentioned above. I still cannot open the folders or drag and drop them although the icon suggests it is doing so.

On my screen the rows below the folders are all empty down to the bottom of the screen (at least 25 of them). I did not see the button you mentioned up to now. After reading your latest comment I realized that there’s a scroll bar at the right side of the iTunes Window although there is no content below the shown files (really not following Windows UI and usability standards!!!).
I scrolled down and suddenly I saw the two disabled (greyed out) buttons at the bottom of the screen - but not the folders anymore.
I scrolled up again to the top, selected the “Mixdown” folder, scrolled down again. The “Save…” Button was still greyed out, but when I clicked it, it opened a “Save As…” dialogue window and I could save the Mixdown to the Laptop. SUCCESS!!! :smiley:

I absolutely excuse myself for bothering you with this APPLE ISSUE and stealing your time!!!

Steinberg did the things right and I made you suffering the bad implementation by Apple on Windows with me! Sorry for that! I excuse myself and beg your pardon!

Now I can use and edit my files and project and continue to work with it in Cubase AI using the Cubasis Project Importer and in other tools.

Thanks a lot for your great support and patience with me! Best regards,

Hi Karsten,

Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear things work as expected, and you’re up and running…

Best wishes,