Cubasis LE not working with Juno DS88

I have a Roland Juno DS88 and am trying to get it to work with my ipad pro/Cubasis LE. The Cubasis is unlocked and I even purchased the $14.99 upgrade to facilitate the importing of existing MIDI files I have.

When I play the file, only some tracks play thru the keyboard, triggering the onboard sounds of the Roland. The other tracks play thru the speaker of the iPad using virtual sounds. I have tried changing the routing, but nothing works.

I reached out to Roland and they say it’s a problem of the app. They say once the correct driver is selected on the keyboard, all should go smoothly. This seems to be true as Garage Band works fine.

Do you have any fixes? Will the fix result in upgrading to the full Cubasis? If so, I need to be credited for the $14.99 I already spent. The App store says I have to contact you for a fix. They tell me this doesn’t qualify for a refund on their side.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your message.

Once Cubasis LE is upgraded via the Full Feature Set IAP, its feature set is similar to the Cubasis full version.
So there is no need to purchase Cubasis, when Cubasis LE has the Full Feature Set IAP installed.

The inspector section located on the left allows to make routing settings for each individual track (both MIDI and audio tracks).
Please double check, that the routing is properly set for each individual track.

Since we’re not equipped with Roland’s Juno DS88 we’re unable to give the issue a repro.
But we’re able to provide Roland with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes, if helpful.


Roland does not know anything about Cubasis. They walked me through how the synth should be set up to accept midi signal from a DAW and said once the settings are in place (driver and a “performance” mode turned on) the DAW should see the keyboard - (which it does) and all should be fine. Even after making the necessary changes Cubasis LE still doesn’t work with the synth. Apparently Cubasis is not compatible with the Juno. Thanks for your response.

Hi sjudlick,

Please provide us with a short video that visualises the steps you do.
Please share the download link via private message with us, so we can have a look at it.


before i go through that, can you answer a couple of questions?

  1. Using the iPad Pro, with the most current iOS, is Cubasis bi-directional through the lightning/usb cable? I want to use existing MIDI files I have to play the Roland synth sounds on the Juno DS.

  2. Is there a tutorial showing how to play imported MIDI files? I have been able to import files from Dropbox into the MIDI tab in the Media section. However, I can only get it to play one song. How can you close an open file so you can play another file in the list?

  3. Is the re a way to route all MIDI through the Juno, without having to route each individual track in each song?

If these questions can be answered, I thing I can get the app to work with the Juno.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Steve,

I’ve already reported to your previous message, so I was assuming you wanted to have additional feedback from the community.

Here is a tutorial of our good friend John Walden (Music App Blog), how to work with MIDI files in Cubasis:

Given a decent connection between the iPad and your external keyboard, it is possible to route MIDI tracks individually to be played back by your keyboard.

For more details, please have a look at the Inspector/Routing chapter of the Cubasis in-app help. Please note that the external keyboard in use has to be set appropriate (e.g. Local Off etc.) in order to properly play back the MIDI events coming from Cubasis.

As mentioned earlier, we’re not equipped with a Juno to test it, or give you further instructions how to setup the keyboard.
However we’re at hand to provide Roland with a Cubasis promo code, to allow them further checks.

Hope this helps!