Cubasis LE3 can't upgrade.

I paid for the upgrade in the app.However, there was no upgrade.There is a history of in-app billing in the App Store history.I get an error when I try to restore the purchase in the app.I hope that the problem will be solved.

Hi @rabbit.flower.inthe,

Thank you for your message.
If required, please let us have more details about your specific case.

In general, Apple does not offer any update/upgrade options.

Therefore we’ve added the custom option, which allows users to freely transfer existing instrument and effect in-app purchases from Cubasis LE 2/Cubasis 2 to Cubasis LE 3/Cubasis 3.

Cubasis LE 2 and Cubasis LE 3 include individual Full Feature Set In-App purchases, which will update Cubasis LE 2 with the features of Cubasis 2, and/or Cubasis LE 3 with the features of Cubasis 3. However he Full Feature Set IAP does not offer any update/upgrade options.

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I am using iPhone 11.

I purchased Full Feature Set from the store in Cubasis LE3.
However, an error occurred and the Full Feature Set did not provide the functionality that should have been obtained.

I paid by iTunes card.

Is there an error in the purchase method?

Hi @rabbit.flower.inthe,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that the app name and icon will not change, after the Full Feature Set IAP has been purchased and installed. However, a “Cubasis” logo will appear in the app launch screen (instead of “Cubasis LE”) and you no longer expirence other app limitations. An easy check is to assign a track to the internal Micrologue synth, which is unavailable on Cubasis LE.

If you encounter issues regarding the payment or similar topics, please get in touch with Apple.

Hope that helps!