Cubasis "Live" for MainStage replacement? [Feature Request]

I want to use something like MainStage live, but want it on my iPad Pro.

I have set up Cubasis projects that respond to multiple controllers on multiple channels, but there are a few critical features missing.

  1. Project selection via MIDI. Cubasis should be able to listen to a control MIDI channel and select a project based on a MIDI program change message, such as from Set List Maker, which I currently use to change between Studio Sets on my Roland FA-06.

  2. Limited MIDI key ranges per Cubasis track. By setting limited key ranges to which a Cubasis track will respond, splits and layers could be established on a single-output-channel USB MIDI controller by setting two Cubasis tracks to different instruments with different key ranges.

  3. MIDI Note value shift per Cubasis channel. Cubasis needs the ability to shift note messages on a Cubasis channel up or down an octave or two so that a controller that resets to middle octave doesn’t need to be shifted on each boot, or shifts don’t need to be changed at the controller between songs.

  4. Program Change send per channel on Project load for Interapp/AU instruments. Cubasis needs to be able to have an Interapp Audio or AU instrument load the right patch on Cubasis Project load.

    Call it C-Stage or Cubasis Live. Cubasis will need a Settings UI control for setting the project-selection MIDI interface and control channel, a UI for mapping Cubasis projects to Program numbers, UI additions in Routing for setting the key-ranges, octave, and program change, and a Performance UI for showing the splits and key-presses live, much like MainStage does. However, at that point, Cubasis becomes a decent synth workstation replacement.

Are any of these features there and I am missing them? Does any other app provide this functionality?

I am posting the same request to Auria. The two apps are both painfully close to being able to do this, yet lack the “MainStage” UI to make it happen.

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Yes, a CuBase live app. “Cubase Performer” that has an easier UI than Mainstage, and that is STABLE !! That would make it a Mainstage killer.


Especially during the pandemic!