Cubasis Master Strip for Cubase?

I know may will probably ridicule this rank amateur but…

Man I love the “Master Strip” in Cubasis. It lets me get a nice sounding master in under an hour, is very quick to learn (thank you Dom Siglas!), and is well-suited to my abilities and requirements.

Could it be added as a plugin for Cubase? Heck, I’d even pay a few bucks to have it. Yes, I know I can just export/import the mix to Cubasis, but it’s soooo much work and I’m soooo lazy. Plus it’s a pain dealing with bitrate/depth conversions.

Or does an equivalent 3rd party plugin already exist?


This could turn out to be a seriously deep rabbit hole…
There’s a plethora of VST plugins geared towards mastering. Some combine several processes in one plugin similar to the Master Strip in Cubasis (EQ, compression/expansion, stereo imaging and peak limiter), some offer them as individual plugins.

Here’s a free one to get you started that is a very simple to use, all-in-one type of mastering plugin.

You can also make use of the stock plugins that come with Cubase Pro, such as MultibandCompressor, MultibandExpander, Frequency 2, Magneto, to name a few.