Cubasis metronome not syncing.

For some reason the metronome and tracks don’t line up after recording with the metronome on. They get out of sync on playback.
Is there a fix for this without deleting the app and re-downloading it because i will lose all the current material in Cubasis?

Hi Bélaville,

Thanks for your message.

In order to support you, please let me have a step by step description that leads to the issue, plus the information about the iOS device, iOS version and other components you have in use.

If possible, it might be helpful also if you share the project with us (via Dropbox, link per PM).

That way we’re able to give the issue a repro at our end.

Best wishes,

I am using a Line 6 Sonic port VX with an iPad 4. It worked fine for a long time. Now wwhen I turn on the click and click record enable and record a track to the metronome and then play it back it gets off sync. Not sure what else to explain but there is an issue with the syncing of the click and playback. Other people have posted this same problem but there has been no fix for it yet!
Cubasis is now useless for me unles i just use it to record a live performance. You can not use any of the midi instruments because playback gets off.

Hi Belaville,

Please let us have the following in order to evaluate the issue:

  • A short video that shows the phenomenon and steps required to reproduce it
  • The project that shows up with the problem

Please upload both files via WeTransfer or similar and let me have the download link via private message.