Cubasis Micrologue Arp to Cubase


Is there a way to export a Cubasis project which includes some Micrologue Arp tracks to Cubase so it will be possible to keep tweaking these tracks in Cubase? I assume this means that there should be some Micrologue Arp VST plug-in for Cubase.

If so, will it also export the automations made in Cubasis?

If not, what is the alternative for having similar sound also in Cubase? [I’m taking about something that is not completing the track in Cubasis and then exporting the freezed audio track]



Hi N-D,

Thanks for your message.

Micrologue and the Micrologue ARP IAP are based on Steinberg’s Retrologue VST instrument, which is included in Cubase.

Cubasis projects that include Micrologue ARP MIDI tracks will be properly imported with compatible Cubase versions, via the free downloadable Cubasis Project Importer extension.

In this case, a MIDI track will be created in Cubase and assigned to Retrologue, which loads the same parameter setting/preset of Micrologue.

Hope that helps.