Cubasis MIDI Effects and Audiounit Instruments Help

When i add an audio unit instrument and attempt to use the sequencer built in the audio unit or if i use a 3rd party sequencer through midi effects nothing records to the track. It also does not record to track if i use the keyboard built in the audio unit instrument. It works fine with Cubasis sequencer and Cubasis keyboard but some instruments i use for their sequencer. Can someone please help?

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Below please find a few YouTube tutorials, to learn how to quickly and easily use 3rd party AU MIDI effects plug-ins within Cubasis…

Audio Unit MIDI and Files App Support Featured in Cubasis 2.4 | New Features in Cubasis 2 | New Features in Cubasis 2

How Cubasis 3 Makes Working With MIDI Effects Super Easy | The Sound Test Room

How To Use AUv3 Midi Effects In Cubasis 3 |

In addition, here is the link of the additional online version of the Cubasis help, where the feature is described too…

Cubasis Online Help | MIDI Effects

Hope that helps!

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