Cubasis missing drum pad hits

I have a Simmons Stryke6 USB drum pad connected via Camera Connection to my iPad Pro. In GarageBand and in the Stryke app, I can play reasonable rolls and fast patterns. In just Cubasis, lots of pad hits are missed and it’s basically unplayable. Only simple quarter note patterns are reliably detected.

I found this topic, but increasing polyphony to 128 made no change:

Is there anything else to change in the project to make Cubasis more responsive to the pads?

  • Patrick

Hi pti,

Here are some suggestions for you to try:

  • Please go to setup/audio and set hardware latency to “ultra low”
  • Please assign the MIDI input of the corresponding track to the correct port (do not leave it at “all”)
  • Deactivate the MIDI routing for all other remaining tracks
  • Close all remaining audio/MIDI apps and restart the iPad

Please let me have your feedback if this helps to solve the problem.


Hi, Lars,

Thanks for the suggestions. I followed all four steps, but the problem still persists. (I was actually already on Ultra Low from my own attempts to fix the issue.)

I made a quick video showing a comparison between Cubasis and Garageband responsiveness:

Garageband, Auria, and the Stryke app all behave similarly, playing sound for basically every hit. Cubasis is the outlier, not triggering a sound for perhaps 40% of the hits.

This is on a freshly rebooted, up-to-date, iPad Pro 12.9", so processor speed shouldn’t be an issue.

Any other ideas?

  • Patrick

Hi Patrick,

If possible, please upload the Cubasis project to Dropbox and let me have the download link via private message.
That way we can have a look and evaluate what’s happening.