Cubasis modx audio

Hi. Using 2.8.6 and trying to record audio from modx. Watched the video online but still no sound in. Set the modx to record audio to daw. The Cubasis audio setting says audio device is modx. I get sound back through the usb host cable. Can record to garage band, albeit quiet, but would rather use Cubasis. Am I missing something?

Hi @nigellouise.harrison,

Thanks for your message.

Dom Sigalas shows all required steps in the following tutorial:

Please make sure the routing in Cubasis matches to the settings shown in the clip, and that the Rec Enable button in the audio track has been enabled.

Hope that helps!


Cheers. Found that uninstalling Cubasis and reinstalling worked. This time when prompted, turned on the mic to allow audio recording. I though it wasn’t needed as the audio was coming over usb.

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