Cubasis needs a duplicate button

Copy/paste in its current form is not how you want to copy and paste clips.

It should not matter where the locator is
It should not matter which track is selected.
And it should definately not autoselect the clip you’re copying from and them also select the pasted clip.
Sorry but this the most terrible UI design i have ever seen.

Duplicating/appending a clip should be a single tap for selecting a clip. Then a 2nd tap to duplicate it. Not the current acrobatics show.

A touchscreen does not mean that rules of UI,UX, workflow and ergonomics dont apply.

A 2nd note. The select button can easily be replaced with touch hold and drag for selecting multiple clips.
Please make it consistent and easy.

Make a list of the most essential and most used basic actions an average user does in a DAW.
Now count how many actions a user has to do for these actions.

Thank you.

Very good suggestions.