Cubasis on Android - Mixdown in compressed format MP3

As a long time Nuendo user I just purchased Cubasis for my smartphone. I want to use it for fast 2ch recordings during band rehearsals sharing the files immediately after a session with my band colleagues.

This requires a compressed file format such as MP3, WAV is much too large, FLAC still too large for longer sessions.
I can’t find any other mixdown format in Cubasis for Android than WAV or FLAC. Am I missing something? I found older forum entries on this but I was hoping that this might have been added in the meantime.

The manual says:

After reading this I purchased the software assuming that MP3 had been added. Hmmmmm…
Could someone shed some light on this? Its a key feature missing …

It can import MP3 but not export to it.

I mixdown in wav and convert it to mp3 with the app called “WaveEditor”.

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Thanks for reply. I have tried WaveEditor for recording but I couldn’t find out how it works. There is almost no documentation and the gui is confusing. Its a frustrating app, I hope I dont have to use it again.

I was expecting to get this in Cubasis directly. I’d be happy to pay extra for it.

I think Cubasis aims to be a high quality daw and not a swissknife of mobile music making.
Mp3 has a lot of audioloss and thus not garantee quality.

Basically… mp3 is an end consumer standard and not an industry standard…
But i dont know their philosophy … just guessing lol

I have absolutely no idea how to record in WaveEditore… i only use it to extract audio from videofiles and screenrecordings and cut them in samples… and to convert audio from and to different formats (like wav to mp3 etc)

Well, I think MP3 is in the context of Music production just a format for fast sharing of content through email or social media, which doesn’t work with non-compressed formats. At least not if your recording is 10min or longer. MP3 is probably not considered to be THE final output format as such. Just a useful variant for certain contexts.

Cubasis does support MP3 at the ‘input’ side - so why not for mixdown? Doesn’t make sense …
Many converter apps cannot access the audio file folder of Cubasis under android/data … directly which makes the process quite cumbersome.
I have downloaded an ‘Audio Converter’ app which somehow works but for the price of 5 minutes of wasted lifetime with many clicks on my phone screen after each recording.

True i mostly share the mixdown to my documents (via xplore) before opening wave editor.
Its all a bit tedious but im only focussed on the end result so whatever it takes.

I worked with Audio Converter in the past… i find Wave Editor a little bit easier to work with.

The import/export difference has been a long time… other then quality preservation i can not imagine any reason why it is like that… cant be license… as far as i know many mp3 codecs are free to use/implent.