Cubasis on android with midi and audio output same time

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra latest updates
Cubasis latest version
Midi keyboard with USB cable (umx610)
Ugreen USBc extension (audio jack output and USB c input)
Portable jbl spaker with audio in

So that’s my kit and I can’t Bluetooth to the speaker without serious latency, so I have to use an audio output USB dongle (the ugreen adapter). Problem is that this won’t accept the midi keyboard at the same time, that only works if I plug it directly into the phone without the adapter.

I want to use a USB keyboard and plug into a speaker at same time. Is there any workaround or something that I could buy to do this? Right now I have to use my phones internal speaker to do midi recording, which is less than ideal. My midi keyboard has a 9v power input so I could try plugging in power to that so see if it makes a difference, and also has midi out I could try using a USB midi cable also but I suspect its the ugreen adapter. I’m just thinking will it be better to buy a soundcard with midi input, and if so which one would be best for the phone I have? Was looking at UR22mkII obviously. But wasn’t sure if it would work.

Many thanks


Hi @beatfromthesun,

Thank you for your message.

We suggest to try using a decent audio device, which offers both MIDI and audio support.
However please note that Cubasis for Android offers limited audio and MIDI hardware support only, Steinberg does not currently guarantee full compatibility.

Nevertheless, we hope that this helps!

Best wishes,