Cubasis on Kindle Fire?

Apologies if this has been asked before, I’ve searched but not getting relevant hits.

I’ve purchased Cubasis and it’s running fine on my android phone - I can’t get it to even show up on Play Store on a Kindle Fire though. Is there any other way to access it?

Many thanks in advance.

The Kindle tablets are not connected to the Google Playstore, instead they are using the Amazon Appstore.

Cubasis is listed in the Google Playstore, so you won’t see it on Amazon devices.

There are descriptions in the Internet on how to get the Google Playstore on to the Kindle Fire tablet but that is on your own risk.

Thanks @JuergenP

I already have Play Store on my kindle (risk accepted!) but it’s still not showing me Cubasis… Maybe my kindle isn’t a high enough spec? I’m not even sure how to check.

Hi all,

Here are the “Cubasis for Android and Chromebook FAQs”, which also includes the device requirements.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks Lars @LSlowak ,

I guess my Fire can’t run 64-bit applications then… I wonder if my son’s Fire can, and whether he would swap :roll_eyes:

Thanks! JP

Hi @jpspoons1

Thanks for your message.

As stated in our FAQs: To check, if Cubasis will run on your smartphone or tablet, please open Cubasis on Google Play with your device. If the Play Store allows you to purchase the app, it will run on the device that you are using for the purchase. If your device is incompatible, the Play Store will tell you.

In addition, our freely downloadable Cubasis trial version, can also be used for compatibility checks with your given device(s).


Use this link
It should open in your playstore… if the device is not compatible it will tell you.