Cubasis & Patterning Inter app doesn’t sync

So, I have been using both apps without any issue until recently Inter app sync won’t work anymore.
I can access patterning 2 from cubasis 3 but when I press play from cubasis, patterning won’t start or work and when I press play from patterning nothing will happen.
Help me please

Hi @matiaszewski,

Thanks for your message.

We haven’t changed anything in this regard.
I’d suggest to exchange with OLYMPIA NOISE CO regarding the topic.

We’re at hand to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing, if required.

Hope that helps!


Hi, I just re installed Cubasis and it is fixed.

Thanks for your help

Hi @matiaszewski,

Glad to read that re-installing resolved the problem!
Thanks for the update!

Stay well,