Cubasis Project Importer 2.3 Pre-release available

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The Cubasis Project Importer 2.3 pre-release version is available for download at:
The 2.3 update grants compatibility with Waves Plug-Ins IAP and will load available Waves desktop plug-ins when importing Cubasis 2.3 or later projects.

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I am trying to move my projects from Cubasis, to Elements 9.

I export my Cubasis project via zip file to my computer. I then use Cubasis Project Importer in Elements 9 to import the project (.cbt). However, when I open the imported project in Cubase, it is a mess. The Midi files have all changed sound, some tracks do not work, some Audio is modified. Could someone kindly suggest what I am doing wrong?

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I’m using Windows 7, will the 2.3 importer work? I’m trying to import projects to Cubase Pro 9.5.


Hi pnmelancon,

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Please find the officially supported Cubase and operating system versions for the Cubasis Project Importer right here:

While other OS versions are officially unsupported and untested, there is a good chance that it will work.
Therefore I encourage you to give it a try yourself, and let us know about your results.


For me the Project importer 2.3 to Cubase 9.5 has been working on OS X without problems. The Waves plugin settings have also transferred over perfectly.

@LSlowak, one observation about imported projects in Cubase: in a future update would it be possible to have the importer not instantiate the default Cubase EQ plugin for every single track? This happens regardless of if I have the eq enabled in Cubasis or not.

Does the CubasisImporter also work in Nuendo or do I need to have Cubase to import Cubasis projects?

Hi ChrisPolus,

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The Cubasis Project Importer officially supports the following Cubase versions:

While NUENDO is not officially supported/tested, there is a good chance the importer will work same way here.


Will it run on Windows-7?