Cubasis Projects in Nuendo

Can Cubasis projects be opened in Nuendo? I am thinking of crossgrading from Cubase Pro to Nuendo, but if it’s not possible to load Cubasis projects in Nuendo then I would hesitate.

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Same here

Hi @gmfraser, Hi @radiophonic1963,

Thank for your messages.

While the Cubasis Project Importer officially supports Cubase Pro 10 / Cubase Artist 10 / Cubase Elements 10 / Cubase LE 10 / Cubase AI 10 or newer only, there is a good chance that it will work with NUENDO as well (while not officially being supported).

Please give the freely downloadable NUENDO Trial version a check, to see if things work as expected.

Hope that helps!


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Thank you for the confirmation, Lars. I actually didn’t realize there was a free version of Nuendo, so I will test that out.

Hi @gmfraser,

Thanks for your message.
Please follow this link: Try Nuendo now for 60 days | Steinberg

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