Cubasis recording over existing takes

I’m new to Cubasis but it seems when trying to record new takes over bad takes playback plays every take rather than just the last take.

Maybe there’s an option that I need to enable?


Hi dB_Rob,

Cubasis 3 allows to playback several audio events on the same track, similar to a looper.

For overdub recordings, you can choose not to hear previous recorded tracks, via the “Play audio tracks while recording” option, located under “System/Audio”. Plus, please tap on the bpm display to set the “Recording Mode” to your likings.

When you playback your recorded takes, these will be audible at once.
To prevent this, simply create one or two additional muted tracks. Here, you could place the multiple recordings to place them to the original track piece by piece, to select the good from the bad ones.

Hope that helps!