Cubasis recording

Imported a mixdown (backtrack) audio file into cubasis project (track #1)
Enabled recording on audio track #2.
Started recording mike on #2 along with playback of track#1
Cubasis crashes after 1 minute of recording.
Tried various files, settings , etc
Crashes, crashes and crashes.
Can’t relay on this soft. Back to my logic pro 9 on mac pro.
Wish I wouldn’t spend $50 on this crap, better bought something nice for my wife.


thanks for your report. We are very interested in getting some details about your issues, since we are currently not aware of such severe crashes during recording.

  • Can you try to get hold of the crash logs from your iPad (see Steinberg Forums)? This would allow us to spot the problem more easily.
  • What iPad are you using?
  • Are you using an interface? Which one?

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I’m using ipad 3, no sound card , just tascam mic amp.
No background running applications.
I will post log as soon as I get home from work.

I wonder why you bought cubasis at all if you can use the notebook/desktop instead so easily. Concerning the crashes and missing features, I think the developers know they have to improve the product quickly, especially at this app’s price. I hope they will reward our advance trust and “betatesting”…

I needed something small and compact for traveling light. I don’t have much choice now due to the fact that cubasis turned out to be not as reliable as expected. As a result have to switch back to my desktop solution. Very disappointing feeling when you invest into something and does not work. It’s like being robbed.
Sure, what else is left but wondering how soon steinberg will fix the issues and bugs. Being a “betta” tester is not much fun either.

I’m using the same series iPad and haven’t experienced any issues on the recording side. I do quite a bit of remote recording and find the app pretty stable but there are other iPad recording options if you need that functionality…unless you don’t mind lugging your computer out. Curiously, have you tried removing the Tascam device and recording through the internal iPad mic? Does it crash then?

I can’t even see the crash log. The cubasis just quits without any logs generated. Nice!

Why on the earth I have to use cubasis without Tascam ? What’s the point? It just an amp, not even an interface …


how do you connect your microphone to your iPad? What interface are you using (camera connection kit, dock-connector)? This would be valuable for us to be able to reproduce your setup and your issues.

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I’m not asking you to use Cubasis without your Tascam (amp?). I’m trying to eliminate the external device and see if Cubasis crashes on its own…it’s called troubleshooting. My setup works fine, every time…but then I realize it’s not a full DAW. Good luck.

Not trying to pile on . Most ( if not all) of the recording I do with Cubasis is strictly audio and is only the iPad internal mic. I’ve had no issues using it this way. I’m awaiting an interface and I agree by troubleshooting the problem with eliminating some add ons, you may discover something causing these crashes.

Looking back since my original installation, Cubasis has never crashed, hung or glitched but again it is only the iPad. It is a 4th generation 64 gb.