Steinberg is offering 50% off of cubasis
I clicked on the link to the google store but i dont see how to apply the 50% off deal.
Am i missing something?

Hi @Carmine_Mastromattei,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

The prices shown on the App Store, Google Play Store and the In-App Shop of Cubasis are already reduced accordingly.

Hope that helps!


I have upgraded Cubasis 3 LE to Cubasis 3 If I install it on a new apple device will I still need to connect my UR22C to be able to use it?

Hi @Voxango,

Thanks for your message.

Did you bought the Full Feature Set IAP within Cubasis LE3?

If so, installing Cubasis LE on the new device and restoring the FFS in-app purchase will do.

Hope that helps!


Yes, I have purchased the full feature set and some plugins. Thanks!

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