Cubasis simultaneous multi track audio recording

just became member in this forum: Hello to all in the forum.
I want to use Cubasis (on iPad Pro) for recording of band sessions. We are using 7 mics to pick up drums and amps.
However, I do not have an audio interface yet.
But before I buy one… Is it at all possible to record 7 to 8 audio tracks simultaneously in Cubasis?
If this would work, does anybody have experience with such a setup? And can you recommend an interface?
I could not find any clear answers searching the web.
Would be great if someone could share his experience.

Hi Kai,

Thanks for your message.

Yes, simultaneous audio and MIDI recordings are easily possible in Cubasis.
The number of available tracks depend on the audio and iPad device in use.

BTW, our quality assurance drives +20 track simultaneous recordings in Cubasis on a regular basis, before new updates are released.

Hope that helps…


I’m gonna recommend the Scarlett 18i8, I have one of these and it works excellent with Cubasis, provides 4 mic and 4 line inputs for a total of 8 audio tracks.

Thanks for your replys!
Sorry for the late responese. I did not see your responses earlier.
Good to know, that Cubasis would support this.
Regarding the Scarlet: It would not help, I need 8 mic inputs. I found the 18i20, but it is a bit out of my price-range.
At least I know now from both of you that this is all possible with Cubasis.
Best Regards

Hi everybody,

My name is MA, I am new on the forum
I would like to purchase Cubasis for android but it seems that multi track recording is not supported. :frowning:
It seems that android native driver does not allow that, but after research and experimentations, competitors have developed specific drivers with their apps that support multi track recording in hi res up to 32bit(bypass android drivers).
Does anyone know if there is such an evolution planned from Steinberg side ?
If possible I would prefer to use Cubasis.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hi MA,

Currently, The number of physical inputs and outputs of Cubasis for Android is limited to 2/Stereo.
In case this will be changed, we will announce it in line with the update release.


Looking forward to it then.

Hi Marcolereat,

Normally, Feature and/or maintenance updates will be announced once they become available.