Cubasis: Tips for better performance

I thought it would be good to have a thread where people share their tips and tricks to get a better system performance out of Cubasis on their iPads.

Here’s a few things I always do before starting a session:
-close all open apps
-turn ‘Airplane Mode’ on
-run cMemory (free app) and perform a ‘Deep Refresh’
-close cMemory
-reboot iPad

I think this helps making sure you don’t have any unnecessary processes running in the background, leaving more resources available for Cubasis.

Another thing that usually goes bad is connecting and disconnecting audio/MIDI interfaces, sometimes MIDI just breaks or starts acting up, starting clean also helps with this.

Any internet related activities will take up more resources that could affect Cubasis’ performance.

Then there’s of course the system performance settings within Cubasis as well as in most audio apps.

All this is more likely to make a difference in older iPads than in the newer ones, but as Cubasis and iOS evolve and get more complex, we’re likely to feel the impact in performance even in newer iPads.

Share your tips to improve performance if you have any!

Would be great to see the follows:

  • able to pitch samples /better sampler?/
  • able to create folders, inside “My audio files” to organize samples
  • able to loop selected sample part in sample editor
  • would be great to have sample preview volume
  • able to use rex files
  • able to use spectrum analyzer
  • possiblity to create cubase project which is cubasis compatible/disabled vst, etc etc), which means project workd back and forth