Cubasis to send MIDI Messages to QUAD CORTEX

Can Cubasis on IPAD support sending specific MIDI messages such as this to QUAD Cortext to changes Presets and Scenes ?

If you want to load Preset 130 (17B) in Setlist 5 on the QUAD Cortex,
then you would send the following PC message to the unit:
MIDI Channel 1, CC#0 value 1, CC#32 value 5, Program #1

It needs the ability to specify a value .

Hi @jedicvd,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply (due to annual holiday).

Please have a look at the “Key Editor” chapter of the Cubasis in-app help to learn more about the MIDI CC handling and available parameter:

Hope that helps!

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Hi ,

Is there a way to add values with Cubasis ? See example below

Also I have Cubase 2

Please advise

Hi @jedicvd,

Thanks for your message.

This is the link to the same chapter in the Cubasis 2 help online version (which is similar to the in-app help of Cubasis): Key Editor.

Unfortunately it is not possible to manually add values.


How about Cubasis 3 , will it offer this feature…?

Hi @jedicvd,

Same behaviour as with Cubasis 2, the following parameters are available in bitt apps:

The following MIDI CC parameters are available:

  • Velocity
  • Pitch bend
  • Aftertouch
  • Program change
  • CC 64 Sustain
  • CC 0 Bank select
  • CC 1 Modulation
  • CC 2 Breath
  • CC 3 - 6
  • CC 7 Volume
  • CC 8 Balance
  • CC 9
  • CC 10 Pan
  • CC 11 Expression
  • CC 12 - 119
  • CC 120 All sound off
  • CC 121 Reset controls
  • CC 122 Local controll
  • CC 123 All notes off


Yes, I saw that but what Cubase product supports the ability to provide custom values via midi???. At the moment I use cubasis on a tablet for all my recording but I may have to move to another Daw as I need this feature to control my guitar rig if Cubase cannot this.