Cubasis: Updated List of APPS properly function I.A.M.(midi)

Is there an updated list of apps that properly function in the Cubasis Inter-App MIDI feature?

Also, when using an APP via I.A.A. or I.A.M(idi)- do you recommend opening the APP prior to opening IN Cubasis?

What is the recommended order of opening when you want to use a sequencer app in Cubasis? ie Thysis or Genome or B-Step)

I noticed that certain APPS require it to function, such as Z3Ta for I.A.A. feature to work.

Thank you.

IOS 7 / IPAD AIR / Launchkey 49


you mean the apps listed as “Instruments”? I don’t know if there’s a list for that, but I’m also interested in it.

I noticed that opening first the other apps and then opening Cubasis works better

Hi all,

A list of compatible IAA apps is not available by Steinberg.


I am not being a dick, but, it would seem helpful to have one.

Even if you guys sold “inter-app” packages to outside App developers to have preferred interactive and functionality status.

Here is a list.