Cubasis upgrade Mission impossible

Hi there,

Im use and enjoy(ed) the basic Cubasis LE 3 version (on the iPad Pros latest version 13.7) that came with the hardware and would like to the 22 € upgrade to use full spectrum and unlimited tracks.
Unfortunately after selecting the upgrade purchase, Cubase redirects to the App Store And Nothing happens there. An empty window pops up tries to load for a sec and immediately closes again. Any ideas how to fix this issue?

Thanks Vic

  • EDIT: this post was originally posted on 3 .sept in the Cubase Forum. Found out Only today that input it in the “wrong“ section (cubase not cubasis). The problem remains the same. price went up now to 32 € for the same (potential) upgrade. I also have been redirected From one support group to the support and from there to this forum. How hard is it to get some support for an upgrade ??

Hi Vic11,

Thanks for your message.
We are sorry to read you’re having trouble with your purchase.

How hard is it to get some support for an upgrade ??

When tapping or clicking the official “App Support” link on the Cubasis App Store, you will be instantly directed to this forum, which is regularly monitored and commented by us. In addition, the Cubasis In-App Help also contains a direct link to the forum. Lastly, we try to be present and active in the Audiobus forum too, whenever our time allows.

So far, we are unaware of purchase issues, but there can be issues with the App Store itself, which is fully managed by Apple.

I would try these steps first:

  • Log-off from the App Store
  • Shut down and restart the iPad
  • Log-in and give the purchase another try

In addition, it might help to browse the web for App Store problems and solutions.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes
& stay well,

Hi, thanks that helped.
Is there a way I can get the initial price again for 22 ? € it’s Suddenly gone up to 32 € while i tried to upgrade …


Hi Vic11,

Thanks for your message.

From time to time we run sales promos for the Cubasis apps and IAPs.

Not to miss the next one, I’d recommend to subscribe to the Steinberg newsletter.
In addition, the sales promos will be announced our website, in the App Store and our forums.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,