Cubasis, UR22 and Novation Launchkey

My son is very keen to record his music and I have bought him an iPad Air (on which he has installed Cubasis LE), a Steinberg UR22c audio interface and a Novation Launchkey. However, we were trying to connect everything last night and found that the output from the Novation is either USB or a weird MIDI socket (not the usual MIDI output as on my Nord, for example). I assume, as well, that the device is powered via the USB so I’m a bit lost as to how this should all be connected up. I have Cubase on a desktop PC and I have

keyboard <-MIDI CABLE-> UR22c <-USB-> PC

where the keyboard has a separate power cable.

I’m sure I’m being dumb, but this is really the first time I’ve tried to use Apple products.



Hi @Zwa,

I’d suggest to get in touch with Novation regarding the Launchkey topic.

Maybe this is of help?


Thanks Lars. My issue is that I don’t know that the USB output from the Launchkey contains the MIDI data. However, we have a USB3 Camera adapter so I’ll give it a go!

In case anyone else faces a similar issue this is the response I got from Novation:

When using the device with an iPad Air you may also need to use a powered USB hub in order to power the devices correctly.

Could I ask does the iPad Air has a USB C port or is it Apple’s lightning connector?

Here are some examples, you just need to ensure the hub is powered so you can plug it into a wall outlet as well as plug the USB C into your iPad Air and power your devices correctly.

Alternatively, you could power the Launchkey mini with a USB cable and a wall adapter (USB wall plug used with phones).

You could then take the TRS midi out and plug in a TRS to 5Pin Din midi adapter and feed that midi cable into your audio interface.

The Launchkey Mini MK3 uses a TRS Midi Type-A adapter and feeds into the midi input of the UR22.

Hi @Zwa,

Thanks for sharing the feedback from our friends @Novation with the community.