Cubasis v1.1 major bug

I finally took the dive and purchased Cubasis since it now supports Audiobus and I can now record my iPad synths in it. However, I have come over a big bug thats driving me insane. When I setup Cubasis with Audiobus I copy a piece of music I have created on Nanostudio to Cubasis in wav format through Audiopaste and insert Sunrizer, then I record a pad and delete Sunrizer from Audiobus and then insert Nlog Pro on Audiobus to record Nlog Pro on the next audio track and record a bass sound and so on. I have to do this to stop the audio stuttering as I am only using an iPad Mini. Anyway when I am happy with what I have got I then close Cubasis, Audiobus and whichever iPad synth I am using. I then reopen Cubasis without Audiobus hoping to see the project I have just completed with the 5 audio tracks but instead I get presented with a project that is full of empty audio and midi tracks that I haven’t even inserted and just the wav file I have imported from Nanostudio using Audiopaste and my iPad Nano starts acting sluggish. I am even opening the project that I have named and still get the same. I am wondering if this is a bug. I thought Cubasis saved the projects automatically but it doesn’t seem to be doing this. Please advise. :cry:

Thankfully I haven’t suffered from that yet!

You’ve probably sorted out your own work around but I wouldn’t close Cubasis when you stop using Audiobus, I’d simply eject it and the input App from Audiobus and close Audiobus and the other App. I’d then save a Snapshot of your Cubasis project and continue working on it.

You’ll probably find your missing audio is in the trash folder, which you can access from within the App as long as you haven’t loaded another project.

Don’t know whether lack of memory is affecting Cubasis ability to save the audio files properly when you have a lot of Apps open…just a thought?

Thanks! :smiley: Everything working great now since following your instructions about ejecting Cubasis from Audiobus.


let me add another tip regarding Audiobus: It is very advisable to disable WLAN when working with Audiobus and Cubasis.

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Glad that worked for you. Cubasis and Audiobus are definitely going in the right direction it’s just going to be an interesting journey at this stage :slight_smile:

Hi Frieder-

Can you say more about this? Is it a definite issue or just a theoritecal possibility that something bad will happen?

This is one of the first and obvious tweaks you would do on a Windows PC when setting it up as a DAW, so kinda makes sense to switch it off on an iPad too. I always flip my iPad onto Airplane mode when messing around with audio apps anyway. A habit I picked up when I was using my iPhone. Nothing worse than being in the middle of a blistering hot guitar solo and then your mum calls to say hello :cry:


we had some issues (e,g, performance or connection losses of Audiobus) that only occurred when WLAN was activated.

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Thanks Frieder, good to know, and something I would never have thought to try.
The geek inside me has to wonder, why would wifi interfere with audio apps?

I found this type of issue when using ProTools on a well spec’d PC with an 8 core i7, loads of ram and fast and large hard drives.
There was mention of the WLAN card forcing an interrupt on the system then causing the audio buffer to empty and then an error message [9073] stating “DAE can’t get audio from the drive fast enough…”
Disabling the wireless solved the issue and Internet connectivity was still available by making a cat5 cabled connection.

So, I am guessing that it is the same sort of issue. The WLAN card/controller takes precedence in the system forcing the DAW to wait in the line for data delivery (or something like that).