Cubasis VST 2.0

SImple question - I hope.

My elderly (80 YO) mother has been using Cubasis VST 2.0 on a Win XP laptop. That laptop was stolen and she replaced it with a Win 7 laptop.

She re-installed her Cubasis VST 2.0 program from the original disk, but it will not work. I understand there is a compatibility issue with the 64 bit OS and the program.

Looking to upgrade the software to something compatible with Win 7.

Does anyone know if Cubase Elements is similar to the Cubasis VST 2.0 she had been using?

She only uses the program for very basic recording, playback and printing scores from her organ.


There is a demo available. I recommend you download it and try it out.

Thank you Jaslan. Looks like a good option.