Cubasis wav files

Hello to you good people!

I’m thinking of downloading the cubasis app and I’m wondering
Of here flow with wav files…
Can I import and export wav files in cubasis and how she deals with there mass?

Thank you for your time,

Hi Aviad,

Thanks for your message.

Of course, Cubasis allows to import WAV files (and other audio formats) via AudioPaste, iTunes library import, iCloud Drive, Dropbox etc.

Please find more details in the MediaBay/Import section of the in-app help which is available as a browser version for you to look at:

In case, you’re interested to learn more about Cubasis’ workflow, please have a look at the available tutorials right here:

Hope that helps!


Thanks bro! That helped.

For the first link I get Page Not Found.

Hi @LeroiFox,

For the first link I get Page Not Found.

Here is the updated link to the online version of the Cubasis 3 help: