Cubasis with Behringer FCB1010

Hi all,

I’m new here…successfully running an older Yamaha PSS-790 keyboard with separate midi in, out and thru…running the midi out to a Behringer is202 docking station, with an iPad(3) running the latest Cubasis.

In Settings…Midi only to selected track is OFF.

In the DAW, I can set up track 1 as drums, set Midi In to the is202, and midi channel as 1. Track 2, piano…same set-up but midi channel 2, and Track three as a virtual midi keyboard with unique and various key mappings.

On the PSS-790, I set volume to -0- so you do not hear the voice of the Yamaha…, Turn midi on and select CH 1. It plays the drums in Cubasis. Nifty. Press up, to Ch 2, and the Yamaha keys play the piano in Cubasis, and one more to 3 and it plays the custom, virtual keyboard in Cubasis.

WONDERFUL. Now I need to be able to switch these voices live, and have the Behringer FCB101 (Eprom I need to check but not UnO), with the hope of changing these voices with foot pedals 1,2,3.

I’ve tried a number of setups, and tried programming the FCB1010 with FCBFF over and over. I’ve plugged it into the in and the thru of the Yamaha…and I’ve plugged in straight in to the In of the is202 cocking station. No luck…it’s over my head.

Process of elimination, lead me to think that despite the FCB1010, pressing any key on the Yamaha was sending it’s channel # with the stroke…so basically, it being the last signal into Cubasis took preference? Then I hooked up jut the Keyboard again…and note changing the Midi Channel on the Yamaha did NOT change the active track in Cubasis…and pulling up the virtual keys/pad for an active track would NOT switch to changes on the Yamaha. AHA…separate midi engine…an external Midi control does not CHANGE the internal Cubasis setting, it merely send data for what it is to do with the incoming signals.

Hooking the FCB1010 AFTER the Yamaha (Yam out to FCB in or out/thru) produces an error in the FCB [88] documented as an eProm failing.

Worrying altogether about the FCB, I installed MidiWrench and the ipad reports perfect functions, controls, pitch, keys, channels for the Yamaha. Ch 1 on the Yamaha reports Ch 0, Key 58, Velocity 127 and -0- on letting go of the key.

Hooking the FCB into the chain it took a while to see it too, and it reports Ch 0 and I just have no idea HOW to set it/program it to mimic the Yamaha. It takes soooo much time.


The concept is simple. I want to load a project of 7-10 tracks in Cubasis, use a midi trigger source (could be the Yamaha keys, could be a guitar with iRig Guitar and Midi guitar or?) to play the voice, and the foot pedal to change from track to track.

Thanks so much.

Changing tracks via controller or similar is not possible with Cubasis as of yet.


I solved all the prior…

…now, can I send a Midi Command to play back one of my Tracks. Not record, just play? What is the command…using Channel 1 please?

Hi cubakid,

good to hear you solved it. If you want please share your steps to the other users.

As explained in your other topic, there is no way at this point to remotely start Cubasis.