Cubasis wont recognize my focusrite scarlet 3rg gen as usb input interface

Hey y’all first post here.

Does anyone figured it out how to use an audio interface w/ Cubasis 3?

I’m trying to plug my Focusrite Scarlet 3rd gen and it is been only recognized as a Output only. I’m unable to record through the usb connection. The input only shows the device microphone as an option.

  • Tried w/ several usb cables
  • Microphone perm checked

I appreciate any help here, thanks!

Android: 14
Kernel: 5.15.94-android13-8-27940245
Galaxy tab S9 ultra

Hi raphael.alex,
With your audio interface connected, select an Audio track in Cubasis, tap the ROUTING tab (left side), tap Mono Input and select your interface from the drop down menu.
When recording on that track, remember to tap the small white loudspeaker symbol to enable monitoring, it will then turn blue.
You may have to alter the Latency to a lower level in SETUP/AUDIO/LATENCY if the delay is too noticeable.