some questions to Cubasis. Is it possible to work with the normal IMPC in Cubasis, or only with the IMPC Pro?
How can I take the IMPC inside Cubasis (I can’t see the IMPC in IAA)?

Is it possible to work with Midi notes in IAA, or can i (for example) do only recordings with the Arturia IProphet?

I only see the Arturia ISEM under Audio Units. Here it is possible to work with midi notes. The other synth are only load under IAA.


Hi chiefi100,

Cubasis supports Audiobus, IAA and Audiobus.

Using Audiobus you can record / input audio from other apps.

IAA allows to route audio, MIDI and effects between Cubasis (host) and compatible node apps in realtime. There are three basic types of nodes:

  • Effects can be set as insert or send effects
  • Instruments are assigned to a MIDI track and automatically receive MIDI from Cubasis
  • Generators are inputs for audio tracks

Audio Units
Third party apps with Audio Unit functionality can act as instrument or effect plug-ins / add-ons that integrate directly into the Cubasis workflow.

Important Note:
It depends on the (third party) app manufacturer what formats / options are available.

For further details/explanations regarding the supported formats please have a look at the Accessories chapter of Cubasis’ in-app help.

Hope that helps.