cubasis2 copy and paste midi data on same track

  1. I have a song made up of 17 measures repeated for each 3 verses with an introduction consisting of the first 4 measures and last 5 measures of the song.
    I was able to create the introduction by copying the first 4 measures and last 5 measures, combine them, and insert it at the beginning of the 17 measures on the same track (Track 1).
    Cubasis would not allow me to copy the 17 measures for the 2nd and 3rd verse at the end of verse one on Track 1.
    I had to create a second midi track and third midi track to copy the midi data to for verse 2 and 3.
    I then was able to move the midi data for verse 2 and 3 on to Track 1. I then glued the data on Track 1 to create a single segment for the whole song.
    When I eliminated the empty midi tracks 2 and 3 all the midi data on Track 1 disappeared. I need to leave an empty midi track to keep my data on Track 1.

  2. Using the freeze feature on Track 1 creates an audio file on a separate Track (you hear the midi track played back very fast as the audio track is created) and the midi Track 1 is greyed out and does not play back. I would think that this button would simply keep the track form being edited or recorded on as in other applications and recording processes.
    Please advise regarding these seemingly odd Cubasis behaviors.

Hi krprice,

Thanks for your message.

I’m sorry but are lost trying to follow the steps described in your message.

Are you able to create a short video that explains the error in simple steps?
If possible, please upload the clip to DropBox or similar and provide me with the download link via private message.

Thanks for your support,