Cube-Tec, ME Loudness Maximizer, Maximizer

Hey All,

I’ve experimented with the Cube-Tec phenomenon and they are interesting, but obviously extremely cumbersome.

I’m curious from those who may know, how did the Cube-Tec LM evolve from the ME LM found in Wavelab many moons ago? And how does the current Maximizer relate or not relate to the prior Cube-Tec and “ME” versions?

Any info would be much appreciated.


Steinberg helped found Spectral Design in the mid-90s. They were responsible for many of Steinberg’s effects early on. It seems that the companies parted ways in the mid-2000s, and HDA/Cube-Tec retained the rights to the plug-ins.

As far as I know, they have never updated the DSP for their plugins outside of bug fixes. The Loudness Maximizer should be basically the same as the 1996 plug-in and SPL rack unit.

From what I understand, it’s basically a slow attack, hard knee compressor followed by a first generation digital limiter, both with automatic release times. It didn’t age so well.

They’re different effects. The Maximizer lets you boost the signal level by a certain amount, and then applies soft clipping and/or limiting if it hits certain thresholds. Modern mode is a lot more transparent than Classic, but I don’t think either mode has a compressor stage.