Cubendo 14

**I am not here to insist on one idea. I am here to present many ideas, **
perhaps u Discussing all of them or Discussing some of them

Why don’t the two programs merge in one really Professional Daw with Less Errors ?
Under the name Cubase Ultimate , Ultra or Cubendo (Cubase
I personally think that the name Cubase is very important) , but as for the name Nuendo, not many people use it, and also many people do not know it.

I do not mean that Nuendo is an unimportant program, but rather that it is very special for a certain group of professionals
For Ex.
(Cubase Element , Cubase Artist , Cubase Pro , Cubase Ultimate)

Version 12 was a disaster when it was released and was almost non-functional
until version 12.0.30 was semi-stable

The new design in 13 is really bad and ugly not professional not modern
doesn’t even have the identity of Steinberg, especially in the M,S buttons

These things may seem small and unimportant, but they are important for any brand, for example, the Kidney Grille for BMW

When 3rd party companies make a plugins, they test them on two programs, not one cubase and nuendo the midi keyboard and Controlers company also the same
I even found companies on the support page that plugins works well on Cubase, but Nuendo has not been tested yet.

Even the idea of merging the two development teams Nuendo Team and Cubase Team together to come up with a program that can compete as before
I can’t believe the company that made it in VST and ASIO
Today there are many problems, including people escaping the program and moving to other programs
Studio One is a program that takes off like a rocket and adds features like crazy
Their support is good
The program is very solid, even when compared to Cubase it is more durable specially in CPU

These shortcomings should be added in 14th Version
-Local Undo
-More Cuemix (4 is not enough The other Daws they Can Add Unlimit)
-Cpu Improve
-Audio Engine Improve
-Update Expresion Map

And More Old Request here in the Forum

Also, must work on getting more compatible with Dorico
Bringing some features to the mastering from Wavelab ARA2 like spectralayes…

Redesign some area a modern, harmonious design, not like what we saw in 13
we need Alot of Resizing Windows To utilize more space
Cubendo Now Every Section Deferent Design (Alert Messaging , Menubar , Some Windows like Windows OS 95, Control Room 3D , Mixer, inspector Very flat like Ableton And Not Comfort)
The Menubar now is Doubled
I saw one developer write that this menu bar in 13th is normal and Basic for Windows programs
But Visual Studio, which is a program from Microsoft, has a single, Black built-in menu bar

look at competitors Gui Design
Universal Audio Luna ,

EastWest Hollywood opus ,

Waves soundgrid Studio they Mix between Flat and 3D

, Presonus StudioOne its Flat But More Clear maybe its Flat 2.0

Perhaps in the future, more hardware will also come from the company
I would like to see a device from Steinberg that helps the processor and Upload the plugins in Fpga chips or arm CPU like Avid , Universal Audio And Waves does
You are the ones who created VST

There are other ideas that I see. Bitwig and Presonus have created a new compatible .DAW Project file format between the two , which I find very useful.
Finally, I am here to present my ideas to everyone, and I hope that the development team or Steinberg’s management will take a look at them and study them effectively.

I do not mean to offend. I here spent time writing this topic for the purpose of making Steinberg come back to us strongly
If I am wrong, this topic is here for discussion


{Removed as my initial points of critique were taken into consideration by OP}

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Was fine for me, also most professionals know not use a program until there is at least a couple maintenance updates.


beauty is in the eye of the beholder

{Removed as my initial points of critique were taken into consideration by OP}

{Removed as my initial points of critique were taken into consideration by OP}

{Removed as my initial points of critique were taken into consideration by OP}

{Removed as my initial points of critique were taken into consideration by OP}

{Removed as my initial points of critique were taken into consideration by OP}

I’m a UX/UI specialist. It’s great that you’re expressing your thoughts on this. I think your ideas relate to different things about branding, interaction design, UI design, and user experience.

What’s difficult about this is that for many users, it’s hard to communicate what’s “wrong” with the experience in the software. What many users do feel is that something is wrong.

What I can say VERY comfortably is that Steinberg is struggling with providing good user experiences and these are the potential reasons why:

  1. They don’t have a UX/UI department. These types of departments are fairly new (something that gained momentum over the past 7 years).
  2. They have an underfunded UX/UI department that may prevent them from doing the work they need
  3. They have a UX/UI department that is being ignored
  4. OR the codebase for Cubase/Nuendo is so complicated that it’s very hard to make sensible UX/UI updates.

My personal belief is that the problems are 3 and 4. They likely have a team that is probably ignored. Their codebase is also likely complicated to update.

However, the more we discuss this, the more progress we can make.


Yes, what you say is very true
I really hope to increase these discussions that benefit to users , devs team

But based on your experience, what is the most appropriate solution in this situation?

{Removed as my initial points of critique were taken into consideration by OP}

Since we are just users of the software, we have no ability to move the needle unless we do one thing: stop buying their products.

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You have? Please show your documentation on that. I frequently see users say this kind of thing.

I am certain you could replace the words Cubase and Nuendo with any other program names and it would be just as true.

edit: I see other posted the same thing as I typed s l o w l y.
I’ll not delete mine anyway.

ok i deleted because this is not important for me
Dont Delete ur comment also not important for me

Leave this for now.
I’m not here to prove anything or argue. I’m here. I have a point of view.

the important is
What do you think about these ideas?
Is it useful to apply it?
Are some of them useful?
Is it possible to implement it? What matters to me is ur answer to this

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Is bringing in a new design team and transferring some old codes to the new tools impossible to implement or does it cost a lot?

Updating old code can be costly. Yes. Steinberg may not need a new design team. They may just need to empower their current design team. Maybe.

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Yeah, they are working through 23 years of some code, and 34 years of other code. I’m sure there are dependencies to old code and shared libraries that mean certain things are too dangerous to touch until other things (which might appear unrelated to we users) are rewritten.

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Yeah. Part of the challenge is that they believe they have to invent new features in order to convince more people to buy updates. At a certain point, this isn’t tenable. They just need to fix what they have.

I used to play a video game back in the day, Eve Online. They hit a wall where they kept releasing features and the users revolted. Why? Because so much of their system was broken or not usable enough. The company completely abandoned a large feature and changed their plans. They focused on usability and UX updates for a year or more. They made great progress.

Eventually, we have to enter that crossroads with Steinberg:
No New Features - More Usability Improvements.


Also regarding the menu bar
I read from one of the steinberg developers that this is the menu bar for Windows programs…
in 13 two lane and 11 is single


I have some programs , such as the Visual studio , pycharm the menu bar is Single and the same Color of program

I see they can act like Microsoft
Microsoft releases updates every time it abandons the old Windows design until they introduce to a new file browser
I even follow their site constantly. They dispensed with the old control panel window. still the Run window old Design and not in the Dark mode but i read in next update they will make it new design and act with ur color prefernce .

the notepad now is support Darkmode and can be open another one in Tab
the paint app new look
Everything was updated almost until they reached 80%.

What makes me wonder is that since Cubase version 9 until now, no window has been updated. If since then they had done it one by one, we would have reached something much better by now.

thats for design other important feature like Cpu improve and others