Cubendo is hanging on loading screen

Cubendo hangs on “Initializing: Generic Remote 6”.

Firstly, “Generic Remote 6” was created some time ago, and not edited recently.

Second, after experiencing this hang, I removed the “Generic Remote 6” file from AppData/Steinberg/Nuendo11 folder and placed it on the desktop. This is the only location of this file on my computer. Cubendo still hangs at “Initailizing: Generic Remote 6”, even with that file removed.

Third, while I’m here: Why can’t we name the remotes? I can’t fathom a decent explanation other than no one added that (obvious and basic) functionality.


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Windows 10.
Safe mode gets me to “Initializing: Generic Remote".

Does Cubase have a limit on how many MIDI ports it can see?


I’m not aware of this kind of limit.


Do you have an older Nuendo versions installed, please?

I am finding that adding ports to loopMIDI is the deciding factor in whether or not Cubase will hang, and this seems contingent on the number of ports added.

loopMIDI definitely functions with Cubase, but there seems to be a crucial amount of ports, past which Cubase will hang on opening.

I have erased ports and added them back a few times and this same situation happens. I don’t know the crucial number, but below a threshold Cubase will open normally, above it and Cubase will hang.


LoopMIDI can be tricky. Make sure, you don’t make MIDI loop back by using it, please.

The added ports don’t have any input present yet, just slots to be connected later, so no possibility of feedback.