Cudase Elements 10 Midi

Has anyone an idiots guide to create a Midi track to change presets in Line 6 Pod x3 Live.
Been trying for ages, managed to automate effects using cc’s but I am completely stumped.
Thanks in advance Mick

I’m guessing, since it’s been quite a while since I had my last Line 6 POD, but I’m guessing that you need to send "Program Change"messages rather than CC’s.

So creating a lane for "Program Change"in your Midi Editor, and draw in program change events very much like you drew CC events.

  • side note - after drawing a dot, it’s often easier to change the value of the dot in the upper info lane than getting the drawing just right).

p.s. There are some videos of varying quality on YouTube - you may be able to find a better one (or not)

Hi Nico5,
Thanks for your help I was able to solve it in minutes due to you help.
Top man.

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