Cue light in ADR

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It is common use,at last in Germany, that in ADR Record Mode the cuelight(Rotlicht) lights up on the precount, to indicate the Talent that this time it is “Hot”. Is there a Solution already in use?

Th Cue Light lights up different colours… Yellow for rehearsal. Red for record. I think green for listen back. Will have to check

In ADR Settings: ADR Status Indicator


Nobody has this cuelight problem but me?
Can’t believe it!!!

Really sorry but what is the problem? Didn’t understand.
As Robin stated when rehearsing, recording and reviewing a take there is a little square on top of the screen that lights up in different colors depending whether it is rehearsing, recording or reviewing…

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Hello Tumppi,

I do not see any of your above described lights in any window. And by the way, I want to switch an external cue light, like a big red alert light.


The cue light indicators are present in the video output window.
They come on top of the video playout.

If you want to use an external cue light, then this is a solution.


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the cue light indicators are installed in 6.5, I’ve seen that now. And Fredo, I use one of the Punchlight units to switch our inhouse cue light system. The problem is, that in record it only executes the command when nuendo starts recording. But in ADR mode(recording) it is necessary that it executes the command when the playback starts, including the preroll time. That is to inform the actor that this loop will be recorded.
Maybe Steinberg could support them in updating the Punchlight software. I have already talked to them about this issue.


Any updates on this?

Hello jvamos,

I have contacted punchlight serveral times but they have not jet changed the sw. Maybe the Nuendo ADR business is to small to invest for them in a sw update.


It seems that Nuendo must be sending a command that Punchlight interprets when recording actually starts, so would it not be a relatively simple matter to add an option to Nuendo that would send the same command when playback starts, in ADR mode?

I seem to remember that Max had a solution for this.
Drop 'em an email with my compliments: max at redfacilities dot com


Hello Fredo,

the solution Max uses is YELLOW in rehearsal and RED in record, but the preroll in record is not supported.

And still not being worked on till version 8! :cry: