Cue Mix & Motu 2408mk3 Not Communicating

I run Windows 7 Professional 64bit Desk Top PC, 2.8GH processor, 16GB RAM. Cubase 6, Wavelab 7, (1) Motu 2408mk3, (1) 2408mk1, (1) Motu MTPAV.

Everything has been working fine and I have been recording a lot lately. One day recently I was watching an HD 1080 video on my computer (shot from my personal camera) while I had Cubase open. Later that same day I went to use Cubase and now there was a digital glitch that happened every 10 seconds or so. It was mostly emanating from channel 1 on my MK3. I also noticed that the trouble seemed to be within the Cue Mix Console and that it wasn’t getting signal from the 2408’s. I am able to get signal from my mic pres. to the Motu interfaces but that is where it stops, nether Cubase or my Cue Mix Console are receiving the signal after that. After trying everything I could think of to resolve the issue the problems escalated to my computer not being able to boot up at all.

Some friends suggested the problem is in my word clock. I do most of my recording at 24bit 44.1khz and when I checked my Motu “Clock Works” under the tab “Sync” the sample rate was set to 48khz. Not knowing if this was correct I switched it to 44.1 since the projects I’ve been working on are all 44.1. That didn’t fix my problem or by now I am just so far screwed up that it doesn’t matter.

After checking everything I could think of and numerous re-starts I took the computer in for repair. Computer is back home now, the video card checked out ok and everything boots up fine but still there is no communication to my audio hardware (Motu 2408’s). So my computer runs, I opened a file in Cubase and it played (no apparent glitches) but the sound was not being sent out my Audio card (Motu 2408mk3) so I don’t know it there are still sample rate issues or any noise. I’ve tried re-installing my PCI-424 Card but I can’t even do that because the install wizard says that it ‘can’t find the device drivers’!!! So frustrating. The device driver for my Motu units all are listed as functioning correctly and the Preferences for all of my Motu units say they are working properly. The Cue Mix Console (Hardware to Computer) seems to be the one that cannot receive signal from the 2408’s.

Any suggestions for what I can do would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you for your time reading this post and so much for assisting me with possible solutions…

I would have thought the the best people to ask for help with this would be MOTU themselves.
Is the 2408 working ok offline?
When you then boot up your computer, do you see the 2408 change to its online configuration (the “Clock”,“Bounce” and “Source” leds all lit up on the right)?

Thank you for the response. I did send a message to MOTU and am currently working with them to solve the problem but so far no luck. To answer your question, no, neither my 2408mk3 or 2408mk1 are working offline. The mk3 (mian unit) has only the “source” light blinking and a few solid lights in the Analog Out section. My 2408 had the “clock” light blinking in green along with the 44.1 and 48 lights blinking synchronized in red.

MOTU had me install new drivers (Universal Audio Installer) and to a repair to the install from Programs and Features with Control Panel but nothing has worked. I wrote back to the MOTU tech guy and hopefully he has another antidote.

(I don’t wish to offer advice higher than my pay grade :stuck_out_tongue: ), but if you are seeing problems even when the devices are offline, I don’t think any reinstallation of the software on your computer will help… sounds to me like the devices themselves have become corrupt. Let’s hope MOTU have the way to force a firmware reinstallation.
Please keep us informed (I am on Mac here myself, but all my audio/Midi hardware is from MOTU, so this is interesting for me too :wink: )