Cue mixer with vertical faders.

In every live digital console I know (including Yamaha’s!), you can easily assign all fades to a cue mix.
That way you can quikly respond to musician’s demands.

I use Cubase in a pro studio, recording live bands with up to 6 cue mixes. I tried to use cubase integrated cue mixes but I returned to the old RME mixer because the cue mixing process it way too slow using Cubase’s tiny horizontal cue send GUI. And there are onnly 4 cue mixes. it’s not enough.



So often asked for (more cue sends).

Also, like your other idea about a way to assign the main faders to control Cue Mix send levels. But, its coping with the ‘one fader for multiple send levels on the same channel’ mechanisms, that could start getting complicated (for SB to implement). Do you agree…?

Following on, how could you see who’s got how much (roughly) of what exactly, in their cans, when they say they want more of this that or the other…? Weighing up how readily/quickly you as engineer can respond to those types of demands, depends on how easily you can ‘see’, per channel, what’s already being sent to a particular Cue Mix…

Just some idle thoughts…

+1. Have the main mixer (or channel) change colour to denote which mode it’s in - different colour for each cue mix. You’d be able to use a control surface with Mackie Control/HUI mode too if they got it right.

+1 yes please. Responding to people’s cue requests is a pressure job and having to fiddle with small horizontal sliders is not really that easy.

Personally I’ve never liked any of the horizontal sliders, the ribbon ones are way way too fiddly and the giant send ones are just way too big. I really wish they would change to match the main mixer faders or the knobs.


Requested this back in C7

+1 please!