CUE mixes

Hey, is it possible to use the sends as headphone cues, and make them global, so they don’t change with every part?

mixer/add Group. Groups are global.

What exactly do you mean? The Group returns are global? Or the sends to the groups?

Groups are global. Sends are where you apply them, what do you mean by „global sends“?

What I wanna do is create headphone mixes, that are adjustable globally, across the whole set.

Right now, when I create a group and use this group as a headphone cue, the send levels (sending into this group) are saved with each part. So when I need to adjust the vocals in the headphones, I would have to do it for every part.

In the meantime I got what you wrote in your first reply. I need to output every relevant track to a dedicated group and then send the signals from that group to the headphones. Those send levels are being saved indeed. But that is a little too complicated i think…

Sure, but what do you suggest? Songs and Parts are deliberately self-contained.
Btw. actually, I meant Outputs, not Groups, sorry. But:

That is true, you would create Groups that send to headphone outputs like “voc”, “gits” etc. and send track channels there.
But VST Live objects (Songs, Parts, Layers, Stacks etc) can all be copied and pasted, and in addition, you can save a template (“Songs/Save Default Song”) which is applied when you create a new Song. Or you just copy a Song set up for your standard procedure. Isn’t that what you need?

What I suggest is, that you have dedicated cue sends for headphone mixes (just like in cubase, but more than 4 cues), and make them switchable (change on each part, or stay global). So you can send directly from the source channels to the headphones, without creating subgroups first. For my upcoming tour I have two vocal mics and several backing tracks. I do subgroup these backing tracks, but to send individual headphone levels for the mics (two separate HP mixes), I would need a group for each vocal! I think that ain’t necessary.
Do I miss something? Maybe my I still have to get used to the VST live workflow…

Not sure why, or what you mean.

Sends that go to an OUT channel (which is also global, obviously) go there, wherever you send. That is no different from Cubase. Groups are global as well, so you can send vocals to the voc Group and from there to main mix and headphone OUT, there is no difference.

What do you mean by that? What is your “source channel”?

You can do that. Send to an OUT channel where in-ears are connected, no? You can go via a Group but you don’t have to.

Do I miss something?
A Song in VST Live is like an entire Cubase project, and mixer, sends, groups, and output channels work just the same, so I’m a bit lost how to help.

I found the “problem”. With “source channels” I actually meant Stacks. The sends from the stacks to groups are being saved with each part and not globally. And since my two mics are running through stacks and change their processing with each part, the “cue levels” are not changing globally. Which makes sense. And this is why I need to create a group for each stack.

The Stack Output channel is available in the mixer, it is practically a Group channel (summing the Stacks OUTPUT, FX1, and FX2 channels). You can send from there directly to the headphone output. So you don’t need to create an extra Group. Also remember you can copy/paste Stacks, and create a default template (Stacks/Save Default Stack).