Cue notes FROM drums

Hi all,
it seems like there is no good way to add cue notes from the drum book or am I doing something wrong? Like adding a cymbal swell from the drum book says “Cr. Cym. 1” and even in Engrave Mode I cannot change that text to a less cryptical name (let alone hide it). I feel like it should say “Drums (Crash)”.

Adding a beat from the drum book feels like doing it completely wrong as I would have to add every single instrument. But adding cues from one percussion book to the other feels to me like a very useful feature, especially as I’m not yet sure, if they are really dealing with the amount of instruments the way I split it into two books.

Hope someone can give me a tipp how to deal with this situation :slight_smile:
Best, Rincewind

I think I faced the same problem last night when I was trying to add a drum cue from a full score to the intro of a Piano/Vocal part. Instruments such as Drum Set (snare) or Timpani were simply not available.

Hm, can‘t reproduce that. When I hit SHIFT+U and started typing it was auto completing all the different „instruments“ from the drum set, like cymbals toms and pretty sure also snare and kick

Yes, but I sense you are adding the cue to another percussion instrument. I am trying to add a rhythmic cue to a piano part. That may be the difference.

You can’t, I’m afraid, cue the whole drum kit into another instrument, @Rincewind34, sorry.