cue problem

I’m working on cues for an orchestral piece. 2 questions.

  1. In the attached graphic, why does the violin cue in the lower part force rests over the instrument’s entry? I just copied and pasted it from the top part.

  2. I have a cello cue in a snare drum part. How can I force it to show a full staff instead of just one line, which makes the cello melody useless as as cue, since it shoes no pitches?

  1. Is it possible that you have extended the cue beyond the last note you want to include? Select the cue and adjust its circular handle on the right so that it ends immediately after the last note of the material to be cued.

  2. You can’t easily cue pitched material into a percussion kit. The best you can probably do is assign a pitched instrument to the player holding the percussion kit, and put the cue in the pitched instrument; Dorico should then switch to the pitched instrument for the cue. You can remove the unwanted instrument change labels by fiddling with their properties in Engrave mode.

Thanks, Daniel!

I guess at some point there will be an upgrade to avoid this workaround?

Well, it’s a tricky one, because percussion kits really aren’t able to display pitched music, so at the moment we don’t have a concrete plan for how to make this possible, but it’s something I hope we will be able to improve at some point.