Cue sends labels

Hi Steinberg,

Come back on an old topic I had posted some year ago :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to have the same Cue ends name every where in Cubase, see the picture attached.


+1 Yes please.! I too have wondered why this got ignored (requested ages back).

Name labels in the Channel Editor must be a very difficult thing to program. Besides, once done, the very next thing to be asked for of course is why not make them dynamic/editable right there…!?

I’d be happy with just dumb labels for now… :slight_smile:


The picture says it all really; don’t overthink it Steinberg, strive for consistency.!


I landed on this old post looking up how to name the cue sends in Nuendo, so that I would know which one feeds the singer, guitarist, remote session musicians on VST Connect Pro, etc.
This is such a small imperfection, but an annoyance I shouldn’t have in a $1k DAW.
Actually, Steinberg software all comes together like Voltron to create “super-DAW” and we have the latest versions of all of them. So its more like a $3k, maybe 4 or $5k DAW. This system makes HDX and Logic look like Fruity Poots. There’s no excuse for such a small flaw with such a big impact on my workflow!