Cue Sends Monitoring Issue. [Resolved[

In the Control Room I have activated Cues 1,2 and 3.

All three are receiving different mixes.

On the Control Room Mixer tab, using the [Mix][C1][C2][C3][C4] buttons I feel that I should be able to monitor each of these things separately - click on [Mix] should give me just the stereo out, [C1] should give me just the Cue 1 mix, and so on.

This does work for [C2] - all I can hear is just the Cue 2 mix, however if I click on [Mix], [C1] or [C3] these are audible but they also include the [C2] audio! The only way to stop this happening is to de-activate Cue 2 at the top of the Control Room.

Any idea why Cue 2 is audible through the Mix channel and all the other Cues?

As I said, [C2] on its own works correctly.

Is this pilot error or could it be a bug?

I think this is pilot error or a wiring issue.
Using the cua mixes every day and never had a problem.


Thanks for the response - I’ll dig some more.

Thanks Fredo,

You were quite right - Pilot error - the RME UFX routing was screwed :blush: