Cue sends

I’m a long-time pro-user of Cubase user and have recorded many albums using Cubase as my DAW of choice.
But there are a couple of things that, as a recordist of mainly ensemble-performances, have irked for a while. Here’s the first…

I would concede (but only grudgingly) that there could come a time when you might want a performer’s headphone mix to follow changes being made to the control-room mix, but this is an exception running contrary to a very logical imperative to do otherwise.
After so many revisions in other areas since the introduction of the Control-Room - and so as many opportunities to offer an alternative - I continue to be frustrated by the cue-send’s status defaulting to ‘post-fade’, with no option to alter this default in ‘Preferences’.
It’s really inconvenient and totally stupid.

How about it Mr Steinberg - can a choice be added to the set of available preference-options in the next revision/update?




Wouldn’t hurt to have a separate preset init value - not being that for sends in general - too.
I have -12dB for sends, and that become value for cue as initial value as well.

Even though selecting all tracks in mixer, enable Q-Link and change one click to change all - is rather quick.