Cue Sends?

Still only 4 Cue Sends!

This has been requested for years but SB continually ignores it! - Why? - I’m beginning to think that it is personal - Maybe the fact that I have been faithful to Steinberg since the PRO-24 days and spent a fortune on Steinberg hardware and software during that time means nothing. I’m seriously thinking of getting a divorce.

Increasing the number of Cue Sends is not like developing a whole new feature from scratch, its primarily just a matter of increasing Function calls from 4 to 8 (or whatever). I’m sure you guys can do this - show those IC-Pro chaps that nothing is impossible!

4 cue sends, 4 band eq, that’s so 1990’s…

You’re quite right.


I don’t use cue sends myself because of hardware monitoring but If I needed them, having only 4 would be very frustrating much of the time. So double bump for you fenderchris.


Agreed, 4 Cue sends is not enough in many situations.